5 Mom Wisdom Tips

Autor: Crete Dolsophon
September 22, 2014

Original post by Latina Mama Rama here

One of the fondest childhood memories of my mother is how she always had her morning routine, which included of course taking care of my sister and I prior to heading off to work.

The smell of her breakfast cooking in the kitchen would be our alarm clock…the aroma of chorizo and “papa con huevos” would make its way into our bedrooms to gently tell us that the start of the day was here. My Madre was always making sure we were well fed – we had great lunches packed for school and she also prepped dinner for us before she left to work to make sure that we were never missing a meal.

Now I am a mother of “tween” boys and I have become very similar to my mother. I have listened to her advice even though there were times where she thought I wasn’t listening and it is embedded in me. Although I give my tween boys advice and sometimes I feel like they are not listening to me,  they will eventually have my parental wisdom embedded in them too.   Life has come full circle and a mother’s love, understanding, and patience is always present and strong.

These are 5 “Mom Wisdom” tips that I have used with both of my sons.

1.Have a great breakfast with a glass of California Milk– I wake up my two boys with the smell of breakfast. Nowadays our kids are doing so much more rigorous learning and in order to be ready to absorb that they need to have a great breakfast. I want to make sure they are prepared to succeed.

2. Keep Active – Both of my sons are involved in sports. They play baseball, football, water polo and basketball. One of my boys’ favorite part of playing sports is that when they are done they know they will drink chocolate milk. Did you know that drinking a glass a milk after exercise helps the muscles recover? Milk contains a high content of minerals and protein to help muscles recover quickly.


3. Have one meal together as a family at least once a week. With our busy schedules of practices and games we make sure that we sit together as a family for at least one meal a week. During this time we talk about many different things – one topic of conversation that has become more prevalent as my sons get older is college. We talk about what part of the country a particular college is located in and what their school mascots are.

4. Homework- Everyday after school we talk about what is for homework and what is the plan is to get it done.

5. Healthy snack before bed- As I mentioned before my boys are very active and I always hear, “I’m Hungry” right before bed. It has become part of our nightly routine to have a glass of Milk with a small, healthy treat. A naturally occurring protein in milk may improve your sleep – so that cup of hot chocolate of small bowl of cereal can actually help with getting a good night’s sleep, which will have you ready and alert in the morning.