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October 14, 2014
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When you’re little, you think Mom is the ultimate. I mean, how can one lone woman do so much in a day and still manage to tuck you into bed with a hug and kiss goodnight, smiling from ear to ear with that loving look only she could give you? The only explanation you had was that she has super powers, she was nothing short of a “Super Mom”.
eunice as a baby
Aww, wasn’t I sweet? (Me, age 1)
Then you become a teenager, and suddenly Super Mom, turns into “Super-Annoying-Doesn’t-Know-What-She’s-Talking-About-Mom” and suddenly you can’t stand anything she says, why is she always nagging you? Drink your milk! Eat breakfast! “Tomate tu leche” my mom would always say, followed by my teenage angst, massive eye roll.
me teen
My mother’s WORST nightmare “The Dark Ages” (Me, age 15)
Now that I’m a mother, that advice has come back to me tenfold. Growing up in a hispanic household, we grew up with a VERY opinionated mother. She had little pearls of wisdom for everything. I’ve taken some of her advice, some of her wisdom and I’ve implemented it into my own life. I am now the proud mother of three boys, maybe it’s different because girls and moms usually have conflict during the teen years, or maybe it’s because I took that Mom Wisdom with me and made it my own.
20 years apart
Here’s a fun one for ya! This is me, 20 years apart! Ahhh…what would 35 year old me, tell 15 year old me? Drink your MILK! Hahahaha (1994 & 2014)
My mom would tell me that drinking milk was essential for me to grow up and be beautiful, she would say, if you don’t drink your milk you’ll get ugly. Now, we all know that’s insane, ha! But, I thought my mom was the most beautiful creature in the entire universe, surely she drank all her milk at my age, and that’s why she was so pretty, down the hatch went the milk! Mom and grandma would get together and show us their tried and true recipes for flan (custard) and arroz con leche (Rice Pudding). I have fond memories attached to milk.
But the lessons and words of wisdom that truly stood out, were these:
  • Drink a warm glass of milk to help you go to sleep, ESPECIALLY if we had a test the following day at school
  • Drink your milk to build strong bones
  • If you don’t want to go to the Dentist, drink all your milk (this one, and the beautiful one, were the two that really “motivated” me to drink more than one glass of milk at a time” hahaha)

I always wondered how she knew so much, now that I’m a mom I know. You DON’T know, you just know that you want the best for your kids. You make sure they eat healthy, that they get a good nights sleep, that you keep up with their homework, make sure you have contact with their teachers and you keep them busy.

With my three boys, I make sure they’re always involved in extracurricular activities. For now, they have taken a strong liking to sports, more specifically, football. We all know the rough and tumble of that sport, which is why I’m such an advocate for fresh milk!
Some of the benefits of Milk are:
  • Muscles – One tall glass of cold milk will help you re coop from a work out! (Football puts a beating on the muscles, which is why I try and incorporate milk into all their meals if not more!)
  • PMS – A diet high in calcium will help alleviate PMS symptoms, women who have at least 1200mg of Calcium, have reported that within 3 months they experienced, less mood swings and irritability. They no longer feel depressed or experience back pain. (This is a win/win all around don’t you think?)
  • Bones – Drinking at least 3 glasses of milk a day will help with considerably reducing the risks of bone disease and bone fractures.
  • Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails – Due to it’s content of Protein, Lipids, Calcium, Vitamin A, B6, biotin and potassium, these work together to give you soft, shiny hair, longer and stronger nails, plus it helps give skin a healthy glow. (Guess Mom was right about that one!)

Check out California Milk‘s site, to find even more benefits, yummy recipes and cool videos. Plus, if you like to read in español, you’re in luck, que suerte! Toma Leche, es parte del sitio California Milk! Enterate porque la leche es tan importante! Tambien, dales un “LIKE” en su pagina Facebook. Check out their Facebook page, keep up with all things Milk! Or follow them on twitter @tomaleche

I never thought I’d miss the days, when I’d hear my mom’s little “pearls” of wisdom, but I do. I call her often, and seek out advice, even when I know what to do. It just feels good to hear it from her.
What wisdom did you take from mom? How does it help you with everyday life? How do you incorporate the wisdom from mom into your own mothering? Comment below and fill us in!