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October 21, 2014

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As a new mom, I’m starting to implement routines and experiences that will hopefully stay with Pumpkin and help her grow. It’s funny because as an adult, I have not had the healthiest habits. But having a baby makes you re-evaluate your lifestyle. I had a horrible habit of skipping breakfast. But since having Pumpkin, I’ve changed that so we have breakfast as a family.

The following three points are routines and “wisdoms” I hope to pass on to Pumpkin.


  • Start every morning with a glass of milk.

    I love starting my mornings with Pumpkin. I hold her in the rocking chair as she drinks her sippy cup of California milk. We then read a book or two. No matter what is going on with the world or work, we have this time together and I love it.


  • Play hard.

    We encourage Pumpkin to play hard and have fun doing it. We want her to learn to problem solve and be creative. To build her imagination and socialize.

  • Eat dinner together as a family.

    Life is busy, but I want to make sure we eat dinner together as a family. That we use this time to talk about the day and current events. I’ve found that Pumpkin may eat more solids if we are eating at the same time.

These are great reasons for your kids to drink milk, but there are many benefits to drinking milk. I had no idea it helps with PMS symptoms. It also assists with growth of hair and nails. Check out for more information on the benefits of California Milk.

What are some mom wisdom tips that you are starting in your family?